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With more than 25 years of experience in project management in Africa and the Balkans, as well as a thorough understanding of the players (states and international organizations) and environments, Anne-Sophie Ducreux founded Calao Partenaires in 2019.
Calao Partenaires, comprised of a team with diverse skills and possessing a vast and multifaceted network, puts all its expertise and experience at the service of your project.

Adaptation to various situations, environments, and stakeholders

Environmental Analysis
Being aware of the political-economic environment and knowing the main players on site is the key to the success of your project.
With this in mind, Calao Partenaires, in partnership with its “field consultants”, establishes context analyzes appreciated by both private companies and international institutions.
Drafting, implementation, and evaluation of projects
The appropriate drafting of a project is a major element in its rapid and efficient implementation. The successive mid-term and final evaluations make it possible to develop the project and better understand the results.
The Calao Partenaires team, through its experience and in-depth knowledge of the project cycle as well as the environment and stakeholders, ensures the success of your projects.
Creation and deployment of training programs
Training is an essential step to positively develop all stakeholders in the same process.
Calao Partenaires collaborates with the best French and foreign training institutes in order to constructively develop the knowledge of the various partners.
Communication and relations with media and influencers
The visibility and notoriety of a project, an organization or an actor is today more than ever an essential element 
Calao Partenaires puts its network of media and influencers, in France and internationally, at the service of your success.

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